Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and Lounge Was Simply Fantastic

I know the Dine Out Vancouver Festival ended a while ago, but CHOP Steakhouse and Lounge was one of the restaurants I took the liberty of returning to after trying out their incredible Dine Out menu. This being said, I got to try CHOP once again, but before we get into that, I should share the marvelous first time dining experience I had at CHOP.

Price: $28 and $38
Location: Richmond – Bridgeport

The first thing I noticed when the hostess took us into the restaurant was the decor and atmosphere. I absolutely adored the interior of this restaurant. It was so simple, dark, and romanti, and there was a giant ball light at almost every table. I would seriously love one of these in my room.

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeThis was our booth. It was clean and quite spacious, regardless of the light being right in between our faces. The seats (made with some type of suede-like material) were very plush and comfortable, as well.

Our server was a young pleasant and cheery lady. She asked how we were doing before asking if she could start us off with some drinks. Small chit-chat is nice in general, and it definitely lightens up the atmosphere.

After looking at the menu options (I got the $38 option), we proceeded to order. Shortly after ordering, our server brought us a cute little bread plate.

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeBread & Butter

The bread was so delicious, crispy and fluffy. However, I would have preferred for the loaf to be actually pre-sliced instead of semi-cut. It was just kind of a mess to have to cut up myself to share between three people.

My rating: 4.5/5

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeSquash Soup

As part of the appetizer, I got the squash soup (not on regular menu). I wasn’t not too sure if the slice of butter was necessary as the consistency of the soup was thick and creamy enough, but it did add a pleasant touch to it. However, it could pose as a concern for those who are trying to cut calories. Overall, the soup was absolutely delicious.

My rating: 5/5

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeCrab & Shrimp Cakes

Crab and hand chopped shrimp with coconut, cilantro and a touch of chipotle, presented on basil aioli with fresh lemon

I got not one, but two appies as part of the $38 menu. I kid you not, these crab and shrimp cakes were the absolute best crab and shrimp cakes I have ever eaten. Every ingredient on this plate, including the lemon and dill, complimented each other so well. The basil aioli was absolutely brilliant too. Whoever prepared this dish, just know you’ve changed my expectations for crab cakes for ever.

My rating: 5/5, although I’ll probably go around saying it’s really 10/5.

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungePrime Rib Steak – Medium Rare

I ordered the 12oz prime rib steak for my entrée. I found the quality of the meat a bit rough, but it was still flavorful and tender enough. I was pretty disappointed with the the steak, but the steak sauce and horse radish did make it better to eat.

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeAn inside look! All in all, this could have been better, but was alright nonetheless.

My rating: 3.5/5

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeChop Cut Fries

The steak was also served alongside with an abundant bowl of fries and half a tomato topped with cheese and herbs. The fries were pretty good; crispy and fresh, and who doesn’t like munching on fries along with a big juicy steak?

My rating: 5/5

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeBaked Tomato

I’m not a big fan of tomatoes, but the way they prepared the tomato was pretty good. It was flavorful and acidic, and helped take a good break from the meat.

My rating: 4/5

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeTeriyaki Top Sirloin

My mom got the Teriyaki Top Sirloin. The steak was pretty good, although the sauce was a bit much, and a bit on the saltier side. The amount of seasonal vegetables served weren’t too bad, although being drenched in the teriyaki sauce, all I could really taste was the sauce.

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and Lounge
This cut of meat was much more soft and tender, surprisingly, compared to the prime rib.

My rating: 4/5

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeCaribbean Strawberry Cake

Time for dessert! My mom and brother ordered what looks like the Caribbean Rum Cake, but substituted with strawberry sauce instead, as it did come along with the $28 menu. This dessert didn’t really appeal to me, as I find vanilla too sweet for my liking, plus I had a much better alternative on my $38 menu. That aside, I did find the cake really sweet in general; the coconut and cinnamon were way too strong. It just wasn’t a good dish for me.

My rating: 1/5

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeFallen Chocolate Soufflé Cake

I got the Fallen Chocolate Soufflé Cake. If you know me, you know I’m the biggest sucker for (dark) chocolate and mousse cake. Every single bite was absolute heaven for me. The amount of chocolate incorporated into this dish was perfect, and the softness of the cake was so so so great. It was obviously pretty dense and heavy, but it was so worth the calories…not that I really knew how much is in it, but let’s just keep it that way.

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeYes, this was so good, it deserves a close-up.

My rating: 5/5 for this marvelous cake.

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and Lounge
And just how did you know which is the ladies’ room and which is men’s? Why, with a giant female/male statue standing at the entrance, of course!

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and Lounge
Poor picture quality, but clearly the ladies’ room is more of a powder room and lounge. You even get a nice flatscreen TV!Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeSome nice couches for the ladies to lounge around on.

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeI absolutely adored the unique mirrors they have, especially having a different one above every sink made it so much more special.

A pretty thorough exploration of CHOP, hm? You know a restaurant is fancy enough when I start blogging about their washrooms.

Not many concerns either; my server(s) were fantastic, and checked up on us probably three times throughout our dinner server to see how our food was, and also to make sure our water glasses were always filled.

Dine Out 2014: CHOP Steakhouse and LoungeThe food was great overall, although sadly, the steal of the night wasn’t the prime rib, but it was the crab and shrimp cakes. Okay, fine, the chocolate mousse cake, too. I’m not too sure if I’d be willing to pay $35 for prime rib the next time I go to CHOP for dinner, but I’d definitely be down to go again. I already went back to try out CHOP’s lunch menu a couple weeks ago too, which I will be blogging about in the following week(s).

My overall dining experience was pretty great, and CHOP is probably one of the best of the fine dining restaurants in Richmond. I’m pretty sad (and surprised) to see that the rating on Urbanspoon is so low, though. Regardless, for those who reside in Richmond, it’s definitely worth trying out CHOP if you haven’t tried it already. Although the regular prices may seem a bit high, I’m certain the food will do them justice.

Overall rating: 9/10

Chop Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

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