Restaurant Review: Gingeri Chinese Cuisine

20130825_141506I went to Gingeri for dim sum a couple weeks ago.  For those of you who live in Richmond, the name of this restaurant shouldn’t be a stranger; it’s a very popular restaurant among dim sum lovers. That being said, wait times can be brutal on weekends so I definitely recommend making reservations in advance.

20130825_141518The restaurant is located inside Lansdowne Center, near the mall entrance that faces Kwantlen St.

20130825_140849The atmosphere of the interior is quite nice. The restaurant is well lit (great for photography) and there isn’t too much decor that will come off as distracting. Table arrangements are quite spacious so there’s no need to worry about your chair bumping into someone else when you get up.

20130825_140906The food is consistently good here (I’ve been here several times). Service is alright as well. Waiters and servers are quite attentive and are quick to bring you the things you ask for. There were a couple times where the hostess was quite rude and whatnot, but for the most part service is decent. I usually only come for brunch or lunch, so I’m not too sure about how it’s like eating here outside of those hours. If you have, do share your experience with me please!

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for: FOOD!


Snow pea leaves with dried shrimp in soup – $9.80

This dish is a bit pricey in my opinion, but it tastes great. And it’s nice to know that they do a solid job cleaning and washing the snow pea leaves before cooking and serving the dish. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the shrimp…I know they mentioned it’s dried but honestly it’d be so much better with fresh shrimp or with nothing at all. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something healthy, or if you feel like eating some greens, I definitely recommend this dish! I think the dinner version costs around $15.80, but it does come in a bigger size.

20130825_134324Steamed dumplings Chiu Chow style – $4.95

These dumplings generally have peanuts, ground pork, and chives I think. It’s a pretty commonly ordered dish. Some people may find the dumpling wrap a bit thick though, but overall I think it’s fine. I do like how these dumplings have a lot more stuffing than I had expected. And I like how it comes with 4 Chiu Chow style dumplings instead of 3, which is the quantity that other restaurants usually serve. If you’re a fan of steamed dumplings, this is worth ordering.

20130825_134522Deep fried shrimp paste on eggplant with spicy salt – $5.20

Mmm, this tastes as good as it looks, seriously. The eggplants are deep fried to perfection and the shrimp paste isn’t too overwhelming or anything. The batter might seem a bit thick in the picture but it’s actually not so bad when you bite into it. It’s very crispy too! Great combination. I’d order this again for sure.


Pan fried sticky rice wrap with egg – $5.20

I actually ordered this by accident, but it turned out to be one of the most delicious dishes on the table. It’s so interesting and visually appealing. It’s essentially the same as sticky rice wrapped in leaves, but it’s wrapped in a fried egg instead. The rice also seems to be softer and since the wrap is thinner, there’s more balance to the different kinds of texture to eat through.  If you’re looking for a new and interesting dish to try, I really recommend this.


Pan fried sticky rice wrap with egg: inside look

Agh, craving it so much just from looking at it…

20130825_135131Steamed minced beef in rice rolls – $4.95

A pretty ordinary dish, but I love rice rolls. I order at least one rice roll dish every time I go for dim sum. There’s a lot of meat stuffing which I like, and I really like how they bring the soy sauce in a separate sauce cup (as I’m not a big fan of soy sauce). Yum yum.

If you are a dim sum newbie, here are some of the popular dishes I would definitely try out!

  • Steamed shrimp dumplings
  • Steamed shrimp with chives dumplings (similar to the dumplings above)
  • Steamed chinese donuts in rice rolls
  • Chinese barbeque pork buns AKA Cha siu bao (not really my favorite, but it’s an extremely popular dish)
  • Egg tarts (dessert)

I probably don’t have to say it but I will anyway…I highly recommend Gingeri Chinese Cuisine for dim sum. I’m actually surprised that the rating isn’t as high as I’d expect. Nonetheless, try the recommended dishes above; you won’t be disappointed.

What are your dim sum favorites? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts!


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