Berry Good Review

So I had the most random craving for cake the other night. The only issue was I didn’t want to drive all the way to Downtown Vancouver for dessert, and I didn’t really want to go to Yavis Club either. My friend, Grace, suggested Berry Good, which was a cafe that I’ve passed by plentiful times before but never really bothered to try.


Berry Good is a cute little cake cafe located in Excel Centre (the shopping center across from Taikoo Plaza), where Top Gun is. I say cute, because the signs are bright pink! My guess is this place caters to younger women.


I also do mean it when I say the cafe is little. I think there are around 7-8 tables, the biggest one seats up to 4 people? Unless, of course you put a few more tables together…

Service is alright. We were greeted right away by a cheerful Asian girl. The staff is not very fluent in English though (I heard the cafe is owned by Koreans). I actually had to repeat very simple questions like 3 times while making hand gestures, so if this bugs you, be warned! However, the staff is extremely friendly and attentive and are always smiling. It’s what I like to see when being served in a restaurant.


Anyways, here’s a sneak peek of the menu. They have a great cake + drink combo deal! I am, however, so not crazy about the font. If anything, I found it irritating to read, but nevermind that.


Here are some more drinks Berry Good serves if you’re curious! They also have whole cheesecakes available but you must pre-order 3 days in advance. The price isn’t shown in the menu, but the cakes range from $36-$48.

Now here’s the disappointing part- they only have a limited variety of cakes to choose from (if eating in). It depends on the time and day as well I guess. We went at around 7pm so this was the selection that was available. By the way, you actually have to go up to the fridge to see what is available. That or you can ask the server, although I prefer taking a look myself!


I wasn’t crazy about the selection. To be totally honest, I almost didn’t want to order anything anymore. I was craving cheesecake, and ideally something with either raspberry or chocolate. To me, those are very common flavors to have and this place didn’t have them. Regardless, I settled with a slice of Earl Grey cheesecake along with a cup of green tea ($6.99).


The green tea was surprisingly great! It’s actually loose leaf tea served in a mini strainer (what are they called?) in a big mug of hot water. The flavour was as strong as its scent. And guess what, free refills! Yes, I asked if adding more hot water into a cup of loose leaf tea cost anything and the server laughed and, I might add, was almost shocked that I asked. Well, better safe than sorry! (Later I found out that they actually have a hot water station located beside the fridge for you to refill your drinks.)


Okay, food time! As for the cake…well, let’s just say I expected more? The texture is very light, almost fluffy. It’s not your traditional New York Style cheesecake from, for example, Cheesecake Factory, where it’s dense and heavy. Great for Asians, I suppose, but not my ideal type of cheesecake. The flavour itself was o-kay. It didn’t taste bad, but if the cheesecake was white instead of light brown, I would have thought that it was plain New York style. In other words, I could barely taste the Earl Grey, and it was more sour and sweet than from what I had in mind.


Looks really nice though doesn’t it? Served with a side of whipped cream, and some sort of syrup.

My friend, Grace, ordered the Noir Blanc (Black & White) cake.

Photo courtesy of Grace Mok

She really liked it, or most of it. I, on the other hand, found the cake to be very dull and boring. As a chocolate lover, I really couldn’t taste much chocolate. Texture-wise, the cake was VERY light and fluffy. I felt like I was eating air. But since my friend liked it, I’m sure some of you will like it too. Give it a try regardless, we all have different preferences in taste.


Anyways, we went up to the counter to pay our bill and guess what I saw in the fridge? Chocolate cake! Freshly made and it looked scrumptious. Too bad it wasn’t an option earlier, because it was definitely the kind of cake I wanted to order. Oh well.

So what’s the verdict? Although I’m not particularly impressed with my first visit to Berry Good, I might actually return. The staff is very warm and friendly (I’m a sucker for good service), and it’s a great place to have a nice chat with a friend over tea and cake. The cafe may be very small, but the atmosphere is surprisingly comfortable and peaceful. I will have to go on a different day and perhaps at a later time though, just to see what other wonderful yummies will be available. If this does happen, I will surely do a second review on the place.

Until next time,
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