Fantastic AYCE Hot Pot Place !

I went to Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot, 小肥羊, during the weekend for their AYCE dinner. And wow, it was pretty good. It was my second time there and the food is consistently good and fresh.

The service was alright, food came fairly fast. They forgot a couple dishes in our second round, but it wasn’t a big deal since we were getting full anyway. Other than that, the staff was fairly decent.


spicy & original soup

The menu is great. There is so much to choose from, and like I said, everything is so fresh and delicious. They even have a small table where you can get your own sauce. from what I recall, they had: soya sauce, vinegar, satay sauce, sesame sauce, and chili oil. They had one more but I don’t remember what it was. As for ordering meat, I’m usually iffy about ordering lamb because of its natural strong smell, but the lamb slices they served were so good. The fatty beef was great too. Their vegetables were really fresh and omg, their dumplings are soooo yummy! Seriously, try every kind of dumpling! We ordered a lot of food, and honestly I suggest you to try everything! My only complaint is that the soup is pretty heavy on the salt, so if that does happen, just ask them to add boiling water for you.


tender chicken, chicken wings, squid, beef omasum, siu mai


various dumplings & fish paste balls


fatty beef slices


lamb slices

It was kind of pricey. It’s $19.95 per person then another $10 for the soup. I mean overall I can’t really complain. The soup is great, and the food is awesome, plus it’s all you can eat. So after taxes and tips it was around $30 between my friend and I. Definitely a place I’ll be going to again for hot pot!

Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot 小肥羊 on Urbanspoon

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