Kisha Poppo Review

I went to Kisha Poppo a couple nights ago with my best friend. To my surprise, it was pretty quiet and dead. I remember I used to go there a lot on Sundays for lunch, many years ago, and there would be so many people waiting for tables. So what happened???


Service was alright, food came out pretty quick. Our server was constantly coming around with more tea. Then again, there were only like a few people at the restaurant, maybe 2-3 tables if anything, so I guess there wasn’t much for them to do anyway. Our server was kind of friendly, and he knew the menu pretty well. He was able to explain when I asked about certain dishes. His English was also alright and could communicate with us when we talked to him.


The restaurant actually had quite an interesting selection for food. Not exactly a wide selection, but there were dishes that you don’t see very often at AYCE restaurants. Their sushi selection was alright; just usual california roll, cucumber roll, dynamite roll, etc. They did, however, have a chopped scallop roll that was pretty nice. The taste wasn’t out of this world but the texture was pretty good. They also had dishes like okonomiyaki (seafood pancake), and korokke (croquette) which were actually really delicious. I had to order the korokke a second time because it was actually so good haha. They also had this really interesting dish called Special Kani Bacon Roll. The bacon wasn’t crisp to my liking, but it was satisfying enough. Their chicken teriyaki was surprisingly good as well; the skin was so crisp and the meat was really tender, and served with a good amount of sauce.


chicken teriyaki




smelt karaage, korokke, deep fried chicken wings

Time for the disappointing stuff:

They had edamame beans, which are one of my favorite dishes. However, the beans they served were really plain, even though it looked like they sprinkled a lot of salt on it. The beans weren’t drained properly before serving, and it was still really warm inside and there was so much water. A couple beans were actually bitter. I won’t be getting that again. Another disappointing dish was the oyster motoyakis. Oyster motoyakis are another one of my favorites. But the ones they served had so much oil, barely any cream, and the oyster was really dry. The appetizers were really bland as well. The green salad dressing was almost tasteless, so it felt like eating plain lettuce. The goma ae salad was really plain too, and somewhat dry. The ebi sunomono was very simple…(only a slice of cucumber and lemon?!) but was refreshing to have if you wanted to cleanse your palate.


goma ae, ebi sunomono, and green salad

Sashimi. Sashimi. Sashimi. One of the must-haves when you are eating AYCE. Sadly, the sashimi weren’t really that fresh. The sockeye salmon wasn’t fresh at all, the tako (octopus) was really chewy, and the atlantic salmon was alright I guess. The only dish that I actually enjoyed from this section was the spicy salmon sashimi. But if you aren’t into spice, then good luck to you! I’m not a big fan of tuna, but I did have the spicy tuna cone which was pretty good, if you like spicy anyway. Their chopped scallop cone was rather tasteless as well, and had too much mayonnaise. On the brighter side, they didn’t limit you on the amount of sashimi that you could order.


spicy salmon


atlantic salmon, sockeye salmon, tako sashimi


chopped scallop cones, spicy tuna cone


unagi eel sushi, hokkigai sushi


(FYI, We ordered more food than this!)

For dessert, they only served icecream. I’m not complaining, the mango and green tea icecreams were my favorites. The neopolitan icecream was extremely sweet, and all 3 flavours just tasted like vanilla. I just kind of wished they had oranges or something, as most other places do, and I know they serve oranges in their dinner boxes so it would make sense right?

Here’s a list of the good stuff: chopped scallop roll, spicy tuna cone, okonomiyaki, korokke/koroge, chicken teriyaki, shrimp tempura, atlantic salmon sashimi, ebi sunomono, unagi (eel) sushi, special kani bacon roll, mango icecream, and green tea icecream.

I should really point out one of the things that I did really like from this place; they do not cut your orders. If you want 5 servings of a dish, they will give you 5. The thing that a lot of other places do is they cut your order until you ask for more. I do not blame them entirely for doing that, but it’s nice when someone gives you everything you ask for the first time.

The price for AYCE dinner was $22.95 plus tax (12%) so for my friend and I, the total was about $52, not including tips.

The verdict:

Service was alright. The food was okay overall; there were some really good stuff here, and also some not so great stuff there. But it really depended on what you ordered. The food wasn’t horrible, but didn’t really meet my expectations either. If I was around during the day, then I might consider dropping in for a lunch box combo or something. Price is a bit high for what they serve for AYCE, though, so I probably won’t be returning for that. Also, because of the location, I wouldn’t purposely drive all the way here for AYCE.

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